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Who is Ignattius?

Juan Ignacio Moncayo Amores is "Ignattius", translation of his middle name in English. The Ecuadorian producer of Gothic psy-trance composes, produces, mixes and masters his own music using various sound tools on his computer. Plug-ins of realistic virtual instruments and analog synthesizers with digital flexibility is what defines his aggressive and gothic sound within the world of Psy-Trance.

Experimentation in different electronic music subgenres has occupied most of Ignattius time in the last five years. In his spare time he can be found training boxing, playing video games with his friends, and enjoying various musical styles such as metal, 80's rock, pop, country and more. Ignattius will publish his first Psy-Trance EP “Viva La Resistance” in December 2019, meanwhile he is publishing bootlegs every 15 days.


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