My Services

Custom Songs: From $1500 USD

I will produce, mix & master a Horror EDM song. This is perfect for modern dark video games, scenes from films or commercials that need movement and not boring abstract noises. If you want different music for your next scary or sinister production, I am your guy. If we need to record very specific sounds that you want, I got you! Please specify all your project details on the link below to send you a personalized quote:



Online Music Production Lessons:

$300 USD per month (4 lessons + Weekly Projects)

I will teach you the art of EDM Music Production. Doesn't matter if you are advanced or beginner, I will help you to get your own signature sound! Lessons can be in English or Spanish, your call. Please apply below (In case there are no free slots, I will add you to the waiting list and let you know when available)

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